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The lake of Gramolazzo

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Lago di Gramolazzo
Lago di Gramolazzo  Bild: Ciro Cortellessa

Italia [ENA] Lake Gramolazzo, located in the Apuan Alps, is a charming tourist destination. This artificial lake, created for hydroelectric power production, offers breathtaking landscapes, fishing opportunities, and water activities. Surrounded by mountains, it is ideal for hiking and relaxation.

One of the main features of Lake Gramolazzo is its clear waters and the surrounding landscape, which offer tourists an ideal environment for various recreational activities. You can enjoy fishing, canoeing, and swimming. The area around the lake is perfect for hiking or mountain biking, with trails that go through forests and offer spectacular panoramic views. The region is rich in natural beauty, such as the majestic peaks of the Apuan Alps and the karst caves. It is ideal for those seeking relaxation and adventure in an enchanting natural setting.

Lago di Gramolazzo
Lago di Gramolazzo
Lago di Gramolazzo

The Apuan Alps, which surround Lake Gramolazzo, offer a unique natural spectacle with their majestic peaks and captivating landscapes. The most important peak is Monte Pisanino, which, at 1,946 meters, is the highest in the Apuan Alps. The nearest village to the lake is Gramolazzo, a picturesque Tuscan village that retains its traditional atmosphere. In the surrounding area, you can visit the fascinating karst caves, including the Grotta del Vento and the Antro del Corchia. These caves offer spectacular explorations with stalactites, stalagmites, and intriguing underground paths, making the area ideal for nature and adventure enthusiasts.

Il borgo di Gramolazzo
Passeggiata sul lago
Fioritura sul lago
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